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2 Hour Firewall Construction

In today’s world, there are more fire-retardant building materials than ever, but you’ve got to know which ones to choose. MagTech OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is the obvious choice for contractors needing to meet strict building parameters as it can facilitate 2 hour firewall construction due to the way it is specially manufactured. Why else is it contractors’ choice? With MagTech OSB you can get 2 hour firewall construction; this increases property value and safety. MagTech has applied a layer of magnesium oxide designed to seriously reduce smoke-spread and flame to their OSB. Even better, MagTech fire-retardant OSB can still be used the way normal OSB is for load-bearing purposes; the difference being built-in protection, which collaterally facilitates more environmentally friendly construction and safety with that 2 hour firewall construction-rating as handed down from ASTME E-119. The magnesium oxide coating that gives MagTech OSB its superior fire resistance is applied via high-pressure lamination. This is better than traditional chemical sprays because it provides even distribution. A spray, even industrially defined by a machine, is going to most likely leave some areas of OSB applied more “thinly” than others, whereas the lamination process provides an even coat all the way round. According to ASTME-84, this lamination method is so successful that MagTech OSB has been given a flame-spread rating of 0 and a smoke development rating of 5. Additionally, the process is used to treat both sides of an OSB sheet. Environmentally Friendly Features Protecting against smoke and fire damage with greater effectiveness than non-treated or sprayed OSB, MagTech is designed to help contractors meet their building code specifications easily and provide greater safety with 2 hour firewall construction. As a socially relevant bonus, magnesium oxide treatment keeps OSB friendly to the environment. The laminate effect even has a sort of preservation property, preventing excess moisture and buildup of mold, which can be a health hazard. For superior performance, order MagTech OSB today! At MagTech, the needs of the client come first. Call us to fulfill client-specific requirements. If you need double-treated OSB, MagTech can accommodate that request. Most brands in this category simply can’t compete.  For building materials that will last, order MagTech OSB.  For a quote, contact us at: (866) 884-7595.

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Wood graphicWe stock a complete line of lumber and plywood. We provide quick turn around on special order treated items.

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  FSC® Certified lumber and Plywood in Treated and untreated for all of your LEED projects.

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