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MagTech™ Fire Retardant Treated OSB

MagTech™ OSB (oriented strand board) is the obvious choice for contractors wanting to meet strict building requirements with ease. The fire retardant treated OSB provides protection against fire damage through the use of a magnesium oxide layer that significantly decreases flame and smoke spread. Ideal for load bearing building applications, MagTech™ OSB can be used in the same way that traditional OSB is used but provides serious protection against fire damage and is a more environmentally friendly solution.

How is Fire Retardant Treated OSB created?

MagTech™ is created by applying a thin layer of a magnesium oxide coating to the OSB through a high-pressure lamination process. This chemical compound produces superior fire retardant properties, and the lamination process provides a better solution to creating fire retardant OSB compared to chemical sprays. In fact, MagTech™ OSB has an ASTME-84 Class A status with a flame spread of 0 and smoke development of 5. Flameproof Companies’ fire treated OSB can be laminated with magnesium oxide on one or both sides of the sheathing. Let us know your application’s needs, and we’ll customize your order.

Why Choose MagTech™ OSB?

MagTech™ OSB’s enhanced performance helps you meet strict building codes with ease. Its superior performance protects against fire and smoke damage better and more effectively than traditional OSB, and it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It even protects against mold and moisture. MagTech™ OSB can also be used as exterior sheathing in certain applications requiring a 2-hour rating according to ASTM E-119, which is an area that many fire retardant alternatives fall short. Choosing MagTech™ OSB provides superior support and quality to your building, protecting it for years to come.

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