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Exterior Grade Fire Treated Wood

log pileIf you have been looking for exterior grade fire treated wood, your search is now over! At Chicago Flameproof, we always have a full line of high quality exterior grade fire treated wood in stock. We are located in three different states, but we ship throughout the entire United States! Chicago Flameproof has been providing builders with fire retardant products for over 40 years, so you can trust our expertise. Choosing to build with exterior grade fire treated wood is a great choice! While having the same capabilities as regular wood, our exterior grade fire treated wood is treated with fire retardant preservatives. This treatment causes the wood to burn slower in the unfortunate case that the building ever caught fire. Because it burns slower, it allows for more time for the fire to be put out before more damage can occur. Prevent more damage in the tragic case that your building ever catches fire and build with our exterior grade fire treated wood. It’s so worth the peace of mind! If you have any questions about Chicago Flameproof and/or our exterior grade fire treated wood, free feel to give us a call today. You can reach us at our Chicago location at (866) 884-7591, at our Wisconsin location at (866) 884-7593, or at our North Texas location at (866) 884-7594.

Fire Treated

Wood graphicWe stock a complete line of lumber and plywood. We provide quick turn around on special order treated items.

Green Products

  FSC® Certified lumber and Plywood in Treated and untreated for all of your LEED projects.

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We specialize in non-combustible material and hard-to-find commercial industry items.

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