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Exterior Wall Panels

For all of our exterior wall panels, we use MagWall materials, a tough and reliable barrier against fire-related destruction. Our MagWall exterior wall panels can be used for all of your building construction projects, whether they are custom homes, multi-family units, commercial buildings, or agricultural buildings. Our exterior wall paneling services offer a variety of cost-efficient solutions. Not only do they significantly improve the fire-safety of your building, but they also provide a variety of additional benefits:
  • A flameproof external wall for a cost that is competitive with conventional construction
  • Up to 60% savings on utility bills through greater energy efficiency
  • Up to 40% savings on smaller, less costly heating and cooling equipment
  • High quality workmanship for a fraction of the time
  • Eliminated need to hire a skilled tradesmen for framing, insulating, vapor barrier and sheathing, all without sacrificing quality
  • A healthier building that is more resistant to moisture, mold, rot, and insects
  • A much quieter environment
  • A more durable and resistant barrier against extreme weather conditions and drafts
  • A shorter building cycle, longer building season, and fewer construction delays
  • Long-lasting and reliable insulation that will not settle
MagWall products contain an extremely durable wall connection system that ensures maximum safety and protection. Each MagWall panel is connected by plates and splines, with fasteners applied around the perimeter of each panel. They use a type 1 EPS foam for insulation, and are offered in various thicknesses. View the chart below for more information on our MagWall exterior wall panel connections: MagWall panels have been extensively tested against traditional building materials. View this fire demonstration video to see a sample of the fire-retardant properties in Chicago Flameproof’s MagWall panels. With Chicago Flameproof’s MagWall exterior wall panels, you will receive lower operating costs while enjoying a more comfortable and healthy building environment. With unmatched durability, ease of installation, and safety features, our exterior wall panels will ensure the best value for your money and the best exterior wall paneling for your home or building. For more information about the MagWall products that we use for our exterior wall panels, please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions (

Fire Treated

Wood graphicWe stock a complete line of lumber and plywood. We provide quick turn around on special order treated items.

Green Products

  FSC® Certified lumber and Plywood in Treated and untreated for all of your LEED projects.

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We specialize in non-combustible material and hard-to-find commercial industry items.

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