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Impralit KDS-C Preservative

Impralit KDS-C Residential Wood combines the natural beauty of wood with long-lasting resistance to termites and fungal decay. It is protected with copper-azole-Polymeric Betaine preservative. The wood is idea for decks, retaining walls, fences, picnic tables, planter boxes, walkways, sill plate and structural members. KDS-C treated wood, at appropriate retention levels, can be used for above ground and ground contact applications. It is presently not recommended for water immersion.

Copper is the primary ingredient, protecting against termites and most fungal decay. Protection against copper-tolerant fungi is provided by a combination of synergistic azoles and Polymeric Betaine.

KDS-C preservative is forced into the wood under pressure, where it provides decades of protection.

However, some chemical may migrate from preserved wood into surrounding soil and water over time and may also be dislodged from the wood surface upon contact.


Impralit KDS-C treated lumber is backed by a limited warranty in qualifying residential and agricultural applications. See website for details.

Recommended hardware:

The international Building Code and International Residential Code require metal fasteners in contact with any preservative treated wood to be hot-dipped galvanized material meeting ASTM A 153. Code requirements should be observed.

Connectors should be made from galvanized steel sheet conforming to ASTM A 653 Class G185. For Permanent Wood Foundations, use 304 or 316 stainless steel fasteners.

Indoors, and where wood will remain dry in service, corrosion is less likely to occur than outdoors. The model code permits use of standard galvanized strapping or mild steel anchor bolts ½” diameter and larger for fastening Impralit wood to foundations.


When dry on its surface, Impralit wood can be stained like ordinary wood, and, once dry internally, can be painted. For thorough internal drying, purchase material that has been re-dried after treatment, or after the project has been completed, allow several months of good drying weather prior to painting.

Many light-colored latex paints can be used successfully, following brush-application of an oil-based primer. Primer should not be applied by sprayer, nor should coatings be used if their manufacturer advises against oil-based primer. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and take special care in coating end grain, holes, and cuts.

For protection against moisture damage, regular application of a topical water repellent is recommended. Periodic cleaning can revive the color of preserved lumber.

Handling precautions:

Follow guidelines similar to those for handling untreated wood. For example: wear a dust mask to control inhalation of sawdust; do not use treated wood under circumstances where the preservative may become a component of food or animal feed; wear gloves when working with wood; wear goggles to protect eyes from flying particles; and wash after working with wood and before eating, drinking, toileting, or using tobacco products. For other precautions, see the website.


Impralit wood waste, such as scraps, broken boards, and sawdust, can be disposed of with ordinary trash collection. Treated sawdust and shavings are not recommended for composting, mulching, or animal bedding, and the wood should not be burned except in approved commercial incinerators.

Codes and standards:

Impralit KDS wood meets requirements of model building codes for many applications, and a code evaluation report has been issued. See ICC-ES for allowable values and/or conditions of use. Such reports are subject to re-examination, revisions, and possible closing of file.

The dissolved CA-C preservative treatment is also listed in the standards of the American Wood Protection Association for above-ground (Use Categories UC1, UC2, UC3A, UC3B) and ground contact (UC4B, and UC4C) applications. KDS-C meets and exceeds AWPA standards for CA-C.

And it’s wood:

In addition to the preservative treatment that enables wood to last a long time, Impralit wood has all of the environmental and other advantages associated with wood itself. Its source is a renewable and rapidly replenished resource grown on managed timberlands, requiring less energy to produce than alternative building materials and offering greater insulation value. Growing forests and wood products reduce greenhouse gases.

The Impralit KDS-C Preservative® product specifications are available in PDF format.

View the The Impralit KDS-C Preservative® product specification.

View the Material Safety Data Sheet.

View the Document Certification.

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