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Mold Resistant Wood

New Technology for Mold Resistance

QuanTIM™ Mold Resistant Wood framing and sheathing products now offer retailers, building component manufacturers, builders and consumers the mold resistant building materials they require. (See QuanTIM™ Limited Warranty for complete details).

Protected with an advanced mold control formulation, QuanTIM™ Mold Resistant Wood products are an effective solution to the challenge of supplying the construction industry with framing, truss and sheathing products that will remain clean, bright and mold resistant during all stages of construction – from storage and transportation through to project completion.

QuanTIM™ = Peace of Mind

For the builder and homeowner, QuanTIM™-protected wood products are guaranteed to remain mold resistant for 20 years, when properly installed in interior applications protected from the weather (see QuanTIM™ Limited Warranty for complete details). This protection provides long-term peace of mind that the structural components of a house manufactured using QuanTIM™ Mold Resistant Wood products will remain resistant to mold growth that can lead to discoloration, odors, deterioration and homeowner concerns.

QuanTIM™ Quality Is Assured

QuanTIM™ Mold Resistant products are produced in a factory-controlled environment under a comprehensive third party quality control program that ensures this highly effective mold resistant formulation is accurately applied.

What is QuanTIM™?

QuanTIM™ wood products are treated with a patented formulation containing highly effective, EPA-registered mold control agents. The advanced QuanTIM™ mold control system ensures effective protection against mold growth, while also providing supplemental protection against wood decay and termites.

Purple = Mold Resistant

To help retailers, builders, manufacturers and homeowners easily identify QuanTIM™ Mold Resistant Wood products in the market place and on the building site, a unique purple dye is added to the mold control formulation. Each piece of QuanTIM™ protected wood is also identified with an end tag bearing the QuanTIM™ logo, assuring product quality and performance.

For long-term mold resistant performance with supplemental protection against decay and termite attack, look for the purple wood with the QuanTIM™ end tag, to ensure you are getting the quality assured products you and your customers deserve.

Additional Information on Mold Protection

Mold needs moisture and a food source to grow. Food sources for mold can include unprotected wood, sheetrock and other building materials. When these materials are exposed to moisture, mold can begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours. Using advanced technology mold resistant building materials such as QuanTIM™ framing and sheathing products, building components can remain mold resistant for the life of the structure.

In addition to using mold resistant materials such as QuanTIM™, mold growth can be prevented by adopting moisture control measures in all stages of construction. Moisture control can be accomplished by:

  • Proper storage of materials
  • Workmanship that prevents exposure to water
  • Home designs that reduce water vapor build-up


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