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Thermal Envelope

The thermal envelope of a building is the shell of the building that acts as the barrier to unwanted heat between the interior of the building and the outside conditions. In order to ensure that your thermal envelope is effective enough for your building, you have to look at the insulation of the walls, ceiling, ground, windows, and doors.

Without a properly working thermal envelope, your building, that you have taken the crucial time to build and prepare, will be a victim to whatever outside conditions are present. Drafts from outside will be penetrating your building, thus making it a very undesirable work environment. So get it right from the start and provide your building with a working thermal envelope.

Flameproof Companies wants to assure that your building will receive the properly treated materials to build an effective thermal envelope. Our staff knows and understands the importance of having a properly working thermal envelope and that is why we want to assist your project any way we can. Flameproof Companies is a supplier of MagBoard Structural Insulation Panel Systems. MagBoard and thermal envelopes go hand-in-hand with each other so make sure you check out MagBoard as well as thermal envelopes. Our staff will help you answer any type of questions you may have about building envelopes or the materials that are needed to create a functioning building.

For any questions about Flameproof Companies or about thermal envelopes in general, please call us at (866) 884-7591.

Fire Treated

Wood graphicWe stock a complete line of lumber and plywood. We provide quick turn around on special order treated items.

Green Products

  FSC® Certified lumber and Plywood in Treated and untreated for all of your LEED projects.

Building Products


We specialize in non-combustible material and hard-to-find commercial industry items.

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